For those that forget, the Vancouver Grizzlies entered the NBA in 1995, the same year as the the Toronto Raptors. But after six seasons as the team struggled, they packed up and moved to Memphis. You could argue the best player on the Vancouver Grizzlies was either Mike Bibby or Shareef Abdur-Rahim, but the face of the franchise surely was Bryant “Big Country” Reeves. “Face of the franchise” is a term I’ll use sparingly, as he wasn’t the most handsome player on the Grizzlies, and although he maintained a 7’0 frame, his build was more baseball player than basketball player.
Despite this, “Big Country” wasn’t a bad player and to many, he was a fan-favourite. Ask documentarian Kathleen Jayme who set out on a quest to find out where her hoops hero disappeared to, while looking back on a special era in Vancouver basketball. Yet Finding Big Country is just as much about finding Reeves as much as it is about Jayme finding herself, which makes the story more personal and stronger than a “where are they now?” documentary.
Check out the trailer below, and for more info, visit Finding Big Country.

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